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The Application

this is going to be VERY long because i have nothing better to do [not sarcasm]
Name: Rémy (10 points of you can pronounce it)
Age: 16
Location: Strathvegas , Ontario..Canada biznatch
Piercings? Ears gauged and bellybutton
Tattoos? Soon..Next week there will be a bat on the right side of my lower back :) ...its pretty much the only thing my mom will let me get, unless I wanted a butterfly or a flower or something ugly like that.

Favorite Article Of Clothing And Why: my scarf, maybe? Its got a lot of pins and writing on it, I don’t even think everyone can tell that it’s a scarf...its name is frank cause frank iero signed it. we’ve been together for about two years, we’ve had our good times, and went through a couple of rough patches over the years but we always make up in the end :)
First Show? Warped tour..it was pretty boring actually. the line was like 17 blocks long and we got yelled at for trying to climb over a wall.
15 Favorite Bands: underoath, brand new, the mars volta, my chemical romance, bleed the dream, the smiths, senses fail, thursday, from first to last, something corporate, fall out boy, finch, dead poetic, alexisonfire, the misfits

5 Bands You Hate: coheed and cambria, simple plan, new found glory, yellowcard, abba..lol

Favorite Band Ever: my chemical romance
Give Us Your Favorite Song Lyric And Tell Us What It Means To You:

Oh, we're so c-c-c-c-c-controversial.
we are entirely smooth.
we admit to the truth,
we are the best at what we do.
and these are the words you wish you wrote down.
this is the way you wish your voice sounds

I don’t know if its my favourite lyrics. But it just makes me laugh at the irony in everything we do. At the same time it depresses me, and makes my brain go crazy overanalyzing my life.

Can you two step? I wish..I think..
Can you slam dance? you bet

Musical Talent
Do You Play An Instrument? How Long Have You Been Playing And What Is It?: I wouldn’t call it playing..I’ve experimented with my brother’s guitar many times over the years but the result wouldn’t be considered music.
Sing Or Play In A Band?: no
What Is The Band Called?: no
Whats your scene? I don’t know...maybe im my own scene. Im fucking remycore :)

Vegitarianism: if I was healthy enough I definitely would consider becoming one, I think its great whenever anybody stands up for what they believe in, and if they truly believe in the cause they will make a difference..as for vegetarianism as a trend, not cool. It doesn’t count as sacrificing something or making a statement when you don’t even understand why or feel strongly about it. I don’t even like meat...my friend has a shirt that says ‘for every animal you don’t eat I’ll eat three’.

Homosexuality: love is love. You cant control it..so why put limits on who you’re allowed to love? They deserve all of the same rights as heterosexuals, to get married, have kids etc. I guess im lucky to have grown up in a family that is so open-minded about religion and sexuality, cause I know if I was lesbian my parents would be supportive, I wish everyone else’s would too; its sad.

Drinking: I like alcohol..sometimes too much. I never really saw it as a problem until I started needing it to have fun. Thankfully I woke up and smartened up, so now I don’t drink nearly as often. So maybe this year hasn’t been as great as last year, but at least im healthier and still breathing. Its not necessary, so don’t let it be.

Our President: well im Canadian, but I consider myself informed and non-biased (is that a word?) in the political situation of the U.S. and I have plenty of opinions. I disagree with Mr. Bush’s entire party platform. Everything he’s done to ‘improve’ the country has NO positive effects whatsoever. I don’t even get it, banning gay marriage, and making abortions illegal does NOT benefit anybody in any way, and it should never be his decision. Even just the little things he has done that everybody has forgotten about are effing horrible. He lowered the taxes people pay to the government after they die significantly...this just means that stupid ridiculously rich people will pass their money along to their lazy even stupider kids, who will then make even more money off of it resulting in the rest of the world getting poorer and so on. Even effing Bill Gates spoke out against this new law. I could go on forever but I’ll stop now.

Self Mutilation: a serious problem that is often overlooked and misunderstood.. Although some cutters are just attention whores, its still unhealthy and dangerous. I guess im sort of hypocritical of this topic, but if I could take it back I would. I came to my senses when i started losing close friends to depression, and realized suicide is not a solution. Nobody should ever have to deal with losing somebody to suicide, especially 12 year olds. Scars are permanent, its painful to always have a reminder of how incredibly stupid and naive you once were. 

Drugs: are bad. This town is a prime example of how drugs can affect your life. Personally I’ve only ever smoked weed, and I’ve stopped that now. I cant do any other drugs because when I was a kid I would always get night terrors, and I had to see a ton of the-rapists to get it to stop. And that’s what will happen if I do drugs. Plus I don’t want to end up like some of the people i’ve see sleeping on sidewalks. I also think parents need to be more supportive and understanding towards kids and realize that they are going to experiment with things, and that freaking out with only make things worse.

Abortion: women’s choice. It should always be a woman’s decision what she does with her body, nobody else’s. the whole irony of the situation is ridiculous, people are assassinating doctors who preform abortions and still call THEM murderers...jeezus people.

Best friend: kyle and his sweet emo glasses
Favorite tv show: 7th heaven. I’m an insomniac and it’s the only thing on at 2.
Tell us a joke: oh man my jokes are the worst. Here I go.. What do Pink Floyd and Dale Earnhardt have in common? Their last big hit was the wall.

Promote Us In At Least One Community [No Promo communities] And Link Us [I will check]:


Favorite books:

catcher in the rye by J D Salinger

the perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

harry potter by J.K. Rowling

lord of the flies by William Golding

Favorite Movie: I can’t even choose. Harry potter, slc punk, napoleon dynamite, lock stock and two smoking barrels, donnie darko, and Your Favorite Actor/Actress: Sean Penn in fast times at ridgemont high
Your Favorite Director: Richard Kelly
Pictures, Must Have At Least One Of Each
a] Hair/face

me touching austin powers' nipple

b] Shoes

puhftt new shoes..they just aren’t the same. I miss old lefty and righty, they died..I blame it on the snow.

d] room
e] best friend


f] pets

hes ugly..

g] siblings

super old picture of my sister and her boyfriend.

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