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I got a hurr cut.

Should I change the color or what?

Took pictures in bio.

Thats 97, his necklace says I <3 vaginas. Oh yeah.

I'll eat your heart out erika..

Went to the town center.

Sohayla, patrick and nick.

Nick smelling Pats crotch cos he sprayed cologne on it.

Sha, that's my boyfriend.

Effing adorable. <3

Brought my camera to school last week.

I thought the lightpost was pretty

Christians shoes with my socks.

Colin! I want those pants!

Maddy. She's so pretty.

Maddy and Laura, gangstah fo life.

"And this is how we pinch a pot!" Pinch that pot. Pinch it.

Maddy's heart stamp

too emo for the heart stamp

I'll eat your heart out maddy

I'm emo too!!

Haha. Not mocking or anything xD We were having fun.

me and laura

sexy dorito chip bag cody?

Laura and Michelle having a conversation making fun of my fat cheeks cos I got my wisdom teeth taken out.

Okay. I'm done.

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