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The drunken politican leaps

hey guys
One day i got bored and made this community
then it died
and i got sad
so lets bring it back.
How about a theme.
Lets see not everybody has cameras
so ill make a few themes for
Theme 1

If you do have a camera
take pictures of under your bed

Theme 2

Tell us what song you've been stuck on
lately. I dont know about
you guys but i go through
stages and get stuck on a new song about
every week or two!
Tell us the song and some of the best lyrics
in it.

Theme 3

Come up with a new question we should
add to the application.
And let me know if you think any need to be
taken off or changed.
Maybe a new lj-cut text.
We can vote on them.
Maybe new rules too.

Okay i hope you all do this
and we stay a cool kick ass community!
And you guys can always feel free
to post pics or anything you want!

She'll promise you more than the garden of eden,
And she'll carelessly cut you and laugh while your bleeding.
She'll bring out the best and the worst you can be,
blame it all on yourself cause she's always a woman to me.
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